connecting disciplines

targenomix adopts a systems biology approach implementing molecular biology, cell biology, genetics, biochemistry, metabolomics, transcriptomics fused by data integration and computational biological solutions.

targenomix believes that this truly interdisciplinary research is unrivaled and not met by any competitor world-wide and thus offers a unique opportunity for companies working with small molecules as well as more complex ingredients up to biologicals.

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computational biology

Complex interactions within a biological system result in high data complexity of millions of entities drawn from this system by omics approaches. The computational biology section at targenomix processes the vast amount of data and thus making it accessible to extract meaningful biological information. For the analysis of omics data the bioinformatics experts are devising novel systems-oriented computational tools but also applying existing techniques. These include data-driven network-based approaches, integrative approaches for joint metabolomics/transcriptomics data analysis as well as constraint-based metabolic pathway modelling. With the help of various computational approaches the list of potential small molecule targets are reduced to a few candidates or pathways.


Providing a detailed picture of the status of a biological system via relative quantification of thousands of metabolites is one of the key technologies performed by the metabolomics section at targenomix. Furthermore, untargeted metabolomics allows the tracing of an applied molecule and its degradation products simultaneously in vivo without the need of prior knowledge or tagging of the molecule. This information delivers precious information for small molecule optimization.


The multiparallel measurement of transcript levels in a biological sample delivers snapshots of the expression state of all genes of an organism, thereby allowing insights into the intricate regulatory orchestration of the cell. Since the advent of next-generation sequencing the accuracy at which gene activity can be monitored has reached unprecedented levels. At targenomix we employ latest-technology transcriptomics as one of the richest inputs into systems biology-based hypothesis generation as it provides a detailed view of the first layer of active response of the biological system to the applied molecule.

genetics & cell biology

A deeper understanding of complex cellular processes and cellular substructures which are challenging to examine by any high-throughput experiment is the focus of the cell biology section at targenomix. High-resolution live cell imaging in combination with quantitative analysis of cellular dynamics deliver invaluable information complementing those gained by omics approaches. The genetic facility uses forward genetic screens to identify genes responsible for compound resistance phenotypes. Resistant individuals are isolated from mutagenized populations and are characterized in terms of their mutation.


Discovery and validation of small molecule targets is the main focus of the biochemistry section at targenomix. A mass spectroscopic small molecule discovery platform delivers prospective protein interaction partners by a fast screening process. To further validate the potential small molecule protein interaction partners, an in-house multi species recombinant protein production pipeline delivers potential target proteins. These promising targets are further validated by small molecule-protein interaction studies as well as by target specific assay development.

molecular biology

Providing expertise and service at the interface of the bioinformatics, genetics and biochemistry departments is the main scope of the molecular biology section at targenomix. Putative targets of small molecules identified by bioinformatics or genetic approaches are fed into the validation pipeline and vectors for the biochemical protein production platform are provided. Furthermore, expanding the set of model organisms used for target validation and genetic screens is one major focus of the molecular biology team at targenomix.

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